dimanche 3 février 2013

Black Spring (Children Of Nowhere)

Black Spring
Feel Away

Black Spring est le 6e morceau du groupe qui fera partie de l'alum Children Of Nowhere. Il est le premier morceau écrit par Wilfried Andral (le batteur du groupe) et s'inspire d'une part de la trilogie de M83 avec les enfants aux superpouvoirs (voir les vidéos "Midnight City", "Reunion" et Wait") et d'autre part du film Explorers (1985) avec les 3 héros Benjamin, Wolfgang et Darren qui partent dans l'espace.


Madness has invaded the world
We are millions of years later
And only children survived the Apocalypse
With their psychic powers

Without understanding it and we have survived
We saw in front of us
These children of nowhere
These guardians of Earth and the solar system

We had known the black spring
But now the Earth shines
We are the guardians
Of life, love and the universe

The sun becomes red blood
And one day we will have to leave it
We must flee
As we ran away from evil

Black and empty disappeared
And our lives haven't limits anymore
It is time to travel the universe
And finally find our origins

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